Have in your laboratoty the best equipments of physical test for plastic and rubber.

Do you invest in Quality Control? And in research and development, too?

So you certainly want not only a good equipment, but their equipments always calibrated and in operation, right?

PARATEST, division of physical test equipment, offers a broad line of machines imported from the best brands in the world and of your own manufacture, and provides a permanent service of calibration and technical assistance.

Equipments for sample preparation
• CNC Profile Cutter,
• Hidraulic Press,
• Test sample injection moulding,
• Manual and pneumatic cutting presses,
• Test sample cutters ( ASTM, DIN, ISO, etc ),
• Mould

Equipments for plastic film tests
• Film shrink tester,
• Puncture impact,
• Faling dart impact tester,
• Static and Dinamic Coefficient of Friction,
• Film thickness tester

Raw material evaluation for plastics
• Column density apparatus and Floats,
• Digital densimeter,
• Stress cracking,
• Bulk density,
• Melt Viscometer,
• Polymer dryer,
• Falling weight impact tester,
• Impact ( Izod/ Charpy/ Tension),
• Durometers Shore A e D – Digital and Analog,
• Low temperature brittleness tester,
• Melt Flow Indexer (MFI) and spares,
• Universal testing machine

Raw material evaluation for rubber
• Plastimeter,
• Ageing chamber for PRI,
• Durometers: Shore A/D/O/OO, IRHD, Micro IRHD,
• Ozone Chamber,
• DIN, abrasion tester,
• Resilience tester,
• MDR and ODR Rheometers,
• Mooney Viscometer,
• Universal testing machine,
• Oils, Fluids and Solutions for ASTM tests