Founded in 1964, Parabor offers the best products and services for the plastic industry, rubber, adhesives and other specialty, identifying, anywhere in the world, the best suppliers of raw materials and equipment.

The Parabor has 5 divisions with professionals trained to understand and solve their needs: Paratest, Paramist, Paratrade, Paralab e Paraquim.

Having as its motto always keep updated with the latest technologies in the industry, Parabor offers its customers products and latest equipment, similar to those sold in countries of development high technology.


We have a full line of high performance products for rubber and plastic from the major centers of excellence around the world.


Besides the items of its own manufacture, represent the best British firms of equipment for physical and mechanical tests of rubber and plastic. We also offer technical assistance and equipment calibration services.


Our laboratory is equipped to perform a wide variety of rubber testing, including resistance to ozone.


The sales team Parabor has highly skilled technicians to monitor the fulfillment of their needs from first contact.