Technology and quality to attend and exceed their expectations in Rubber Compounds.

Technology and quality to attend and exceed their expectations in Rubber Compounds.
Paramist, division of rubber compounds, provides the ideal raw material for its production, either through compression molding, transfer, injection, extrusion or calendering.

Our team is able to atent their ASTM specifications or your exact need in elastomeric compound .

Paramist provides permanent technical assistance, specific developments with guaranteed confidentiality and laboratory tests performed for each lot to evaluate and ensure their application.

  • Auto Parts
  • Moto Parts
  • Chemicals
  • Electronic
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Adhesives
  • Other

The best rubber compounds for their applications

Why use Paramist?

A clean Factory, with less items for inventory control, low development cost of raw materials and suppliers, quality assured and concentration of investment in producing the final product.

These are some of the benefits that companies that produce rubber parts (for own use or sale to their customers) can obtain buying Paramist compounds.

All of this also allow a cost reduction in the final product.


Paramist compounds are already used in several industry sectors such as auto parts, moto parts, chemical, electronic, industrial, pharmaceutical and adhesives among others.

Experience and versatility

Paramist has extensive experience in the use of a wide range of polymers such as NBR, EPDM, ACM, FKM, ECO, HNBR, AEM, CR, IIR, XIIR, NR, SBR, BR, IR, VMQ and others.

Quality in Development of Compounds

Paramist uses the Management Integrated System of Parabor, with ISO 9001 Certification , optimizing the potential of each of our divisions.

This allows us to be in constant touch with the worldwide latest releases fromĀ  manufacturers of raw materials and equipment for the rubber market, so we can create more modern and intelligent solutions for our customers.

All of into one of the most modern laboratories to rubber in Brazil.

Quality in Compounds Production

In addition to our quality in the development of compounds, our industrial plant has other laboratory only for quality control of each batch produced on our equipment. Our mixers produce in separated areas black and colored compounds, which can also be extruded and calendered according to their needs.